Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Toxic masculinity, nature, nurture or a combination?

I wonder if any research has been done in Australia re profiling men who murder their female partners. I'd be curious to know if patterns and common denominators emerge in areas like:

family of origin - what were the dynamics there?

schooling - single sex schools and the reinforcement of toxic masculinity

post school education, including apprenticeships

working life and industrial sector - do certain sectors like mining with its FIFO workers (Fly In Fly Out) experience greater levels of domestic violence along with the higher levels of drug and alcohol use?

alcohol and drug use, gambling

social connectedness vs isolation

nature of bonds and bonding with other men

presence or absence of healthy cross generational relationships with older male mentors
financial stress

rigid or flexible expectations and beliefs around male and female roles

beliefs around honour and shame

If anyone knows of research done in this area please point me to it

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