Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Identifying and D-Identifying

What do I care if people lie about Israel? People (including myself)  lie about all sorts of things, every day, but I don’t get upset about it. Men lie about women, Hindus lie about Moslems, Moslems lie about Jews, Jews lie about Christians, Moslems lie about other Moslems, Jews lie about other Jews, Catholics lie about Evangelicals, Protestants lie about Catholics…indeed this is olam hasheker, the world of lies, maya, the world of smoke and mirrors which masks the hidden reality …so why do some lies get perceived as personal threats to me? Obviously because I am identified.

The first thing, I suppose, it to de-identify, and to do so non-selectively, but I suppose that will only happen when I can see that to do so is both truthful and liberatory....otherwise I will always wait for you to go first and show how its done.

Neither adult nor child
neither Jew or Goy
neither minority or majority
neither white or black
neither South African or Israeli
neither male or female
neither success or failure
neither enlightened or ignorant
neither mind or body
then what remains?
what is?

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