Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Plausible quotations and statistics

Chief archeologist Yigal Alon-Tamir says that hundreds of two-thousand year old chocolate coins minted by the Maccabees have been discovered at a dig near the town of Shechem. His team have left a few of the coins uneaten, so that expert chocleteurs can analyse them and discover what's changed in chocolate making techniques in the last 2 300 years. "they're not bad" says Professor Alon Tamir, "sure a little stale, but nothing worse than the kinds of things you'll find on the shelves of petrol station shops or 24/7 convenience stores."

One out of five children between the ages on 9-17 has a diagnosable mental disorder....(i.e it is possible to pathologize and pin a label on at least one out of five children, generally as a way of handling the parent's or teacher's unresolved anxieties and blind spots)

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