Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adam ve Chava (Adam and Eve) - chatuna shemaymit

When I encounter my wife in the bedroom, (or have encountered any woman in any sexual encounter) I want to encounter her as a man, as a representative of manhood, as the essence of maleness, meeting  her as a woman, as a representative of femininity, as the  essence of femaleness. I am only interested in her and me - at that point in that context - as generic bodies, each representative of our type. Along with shedding our clothes, I need to shed everything else I "know" about her and I, all the other roles we play and the things we are - in the bedroom they are intrusions, dividers, blocking the call to return to some elemental form that all of life participates in. It is not her specificities I am seeking...these are with me outside the bedroom...and it is not my Imanuel-ness I am seeking to offer: this too is incessantly available duing my waking hours. What I crave is us as incarnations of the most basic and universal types, (either conferred upon us by our bodies or else manifested as our bodies) coming into uniopn and restoring balance - the celestial wedding.

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