Thursday, October 4, 2012

Please Note

I think most men go to sex workers in order to be reminded that sex, or at least the purely physical mechanical dimensions of sex - are not really that important to them

mean are sexually polygamous and emotionally monagamous

Advice to middle aged men who are not in a relationship or who are temporarily stumped as to how to reinvigorate the sexualdimension of their relationship, and who over eat too much. Everytime you want to spend money on a little pastry or coffee or burger or shwarma or icecream in an attempt to nurture yourself, but which your spreading stomach and wasitline testify that your body does not need, instead put the dollars aside in a little money box. In a short time you'll have enough saved to go for a nurturing massage or to a sex worker for a hand job or anything else you agree upon... probably more nurturing , and much healthier than abusing the body with uneeded food.

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