Saturday, March 3, 2012

Once upon a time, very early in the history of things, there was a content little boy, who lived with his mommy in an enchanted forest near a big lake. The little boy ate when he was hungry, and drank when he was thirsty. He rested when he was tired, and danced and sang when he was happy. When he was sad or hurting he cried. If he had lots of energy he ran around. When he needed to go to the toilet he went wherever he happened to be. His mother warned him not to leave the enchanted forest but one day he stepped out of the trees into a clearing at the edge and met a monster. the monster said "if you won't play with me, I curse you, that you may always be thoughtful"

The little boy thought little of it. He didn't forget the monster but he still ate when he was hungry, and slept when he was tired. And when he was bored he still went looking for something to do. And although he didn't really mean to step outside the enchanted forest, a glimmer of something shiny lying between the blades of gross just beyond the big Elm trees caught his eye, and he told himself there couldn't be any harm if he just stepped out to see what the shiny thing was. So he walked out into the bright sunlight and across to the shiny spot. When he picked it up it turned out to be a round spherical object made of some transparent substance that caught the sun's light and sparkled with it. The boy looked around to see if the object belonged to anyone. There was no one there and so he held it up to the sun again, to admire it, slipped it into his pocket, and turned round to go back into the forest. He couldn't wait to show his mommy what he had found! But before he could move a voice behind him called out, in a high pitched, but very commanding voice "stand still, you little thief."

The boy turned to find that, from seemingly nowhere, a man stood two feet  from him.
Give me back my chazayee, said the man, who had an earing in his nose from which hung a small bowl in which a small fish swum around in tiny circles, and who was covered from head to foot in tattoos and nothing else.
Yes sir, said the boy, here it is sir, I didn't know it was yours sir
You didn't know, sneered the man, do you think a chazayee can appear without its owner
I didn't know its a hazayee sir, said the boy truthfully, I've never sen one before, and I was in the forest where I live and I saw something sparkling...
tell that to the magistrate, said the man, impatiently, you'll have to come along with me now
I can't sir, said the boy, my mommy is waiting for me.

The boy pulled his arms out of the jacket and ran for his life. Soon he was lost in the busy market, and he hid behind a big barrel full of pickled fish that was unattended. His pursuers seemed to lose interest. Now he was on his own. His mother would be angry with him. he had disobeyed her and now he didn't know where he was or how he would get home. tears poured down his cheeks and his sobbing grew so loud that a group of men, who had been sitting on a bench on the other side of the busy street, passing a flask of something backwards and forwards between them, and trying to warm themselves up in the weak afternoon sun, noticed him.

Go get me some herb, said the man, and you can have a sip of this here stuff.
Maybe I should he wondered to himself. Take a sip of this the men offered him a flask, there's a good lad. He took a sip and spat it out. it was horrible.
He could not stop thinking about the mistake he had made. Have a sip mate, said the man, and forget all your troubles. He took another sip....and then another. It burnt as it went down his throat, and then, a few seconds later, he felt a warm sensation in his belly. It was true. He did forget! This was the most marvelous thing. Why had no one told him about this before? He forgot his thoughts, and let out a loud long laugh. his neew friends laughed with him. the fire glowed warmly and the face of the people there semed marvelous, osofy, inviting , interesting

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