Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Proof of Presence

My truth telling happens in time
and at its own time
over time, and I will not let my monkey mind
dictate to me when that time is


I learnt to do a half summersault when I was ready
I learnt to go down the slides when I was ready
I said yes
I say yes
Finding my own way is scary - biut blissful

The more you are present
the more I am present
because you only exist in me
(not "me" as my story, but "me" as in that which underpins, which makes my story possible)
Hillel said it this way in mesechet sukkot:
"if I am here then everything is here"

If you, like me, are one of those people
who like me, gives more heaviness (koved), honour (kavod), seriousness (retzinut) to the existence of "others" than to "yourself", then this can help you because their existence confirms yours, and all paths lead back to yourself.

in other words all anyone ever "has" to do is show up, in their life, again and again and again
(how to show up? ah, this is a mystery which flows from mysterious "ratzon" - will)

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