Monday, August 9, 2010

Just how irrelevant are you?

Use the following easy quiz to rate your irrelevancy:

When tasked with looking after toddlers you are
a)unable to gain their attention
b) they physically beat you with their tiny fists
c)find yourself being assigned tasks by a domineering three year old

When you send your CV off to a prospective employer you
a) never hear from them
b) immediately receive a "Thanks but no thanks letter"
c)they take out a restraining order against you
d) they invite you in for an interview, but it turns out they've confused you with someone else

If anyone calls you it is
a) a pest control firm offering a fre evaluation of your pest situation
b) a wrong number
c) someone collecting money for children in Afghanistan
d) you don't have a phone

You go to see the doctor complaining of chest pains and
a) the doctor looses your file
b) the doctor won't return your calls even after you are hospitalised
c)the doctor tells you you only have two weeks to live and "there's no point in delaying these things"

When you receive mail it is usually
a) a court summons for unpaid traffic fines
b) someone else's mail that was put in your box
c) you never receive mail
d)a letter informing you your medical records have been lost
e) you don't have a mail box because you live on the street

If you join an online dating service, and try to find women for casual sex
a) only gay men contact you
b) women leave messages like "get lost you old fart"
c)the dating service goes bankrupt, taking with it you annual subscription of $357.00

When you try to get cleaners to come and tidy up your hovel they
a) ask you if they can call you back later but never do
b)refer you to a friend who is intending to come over to Australia on the nxt boat load of "illegal" immigrants
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