Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why humour is more profound than drama

This is a posting stub. Post to follow, be'ezrat hashem.

In my bathroom cabinet I have cortisone cream for my bum and I have sensodyne toothpaste for my teeth. Both are in white tubes that looks pretty similar. The other day I absent mindedly smeared cortisone cream (with anti fungacides) all over my toothbrush, and realised what had happened when I tasted it and spat it out!

A week later my bum was itchy, andf I reached for the cortisone, and smeared a big blob on my tussik, only for the itch to ramp up to a burn - and immediately I realised I'd put the tooothpaste on. From stories told me at high school about initiation ceremonies at KES involving shaved eyebrows and toothpaste, (by one Sauron Goldman, who now lives in Perth), I expected even more burn, but it wore off after a while and now feels quite good. Perhaps it is the anti-sensitivity ingredients in the toothpaste. After all bums and teeth are connected by a long tube...

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