Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ben shel Bronte (A son of Bronte)

I met a muso on Bronte Beach...and he played a happy song. Check it out

Want more....visit his website.

As an aside, if I were to have a website, and could come up with nothing other than my-name-dot-something (and its amazing how many writers, photographers, landscape designers, visual artists, sculptors and musicians don't seem to be able to come up with web site names any more lateral than their own monicers) than at least I would make it .org ( short for orgasm, organism, organic, organ, original, and so forth) rather than the terribly dull com (short for commerce, common, comfortably numb and so forth.)

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Steven said...

Ben shel bronte.. great blues voice... and love the uke (uhk???).., where is he playing live..

ps.. I named my website after my name.. but luckily... in my case.. my name was not really my name (said Sid Sledge....).. ps... to see this website (opportunistic promo....) err.. thanks