Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friends and family

uncertainty is my friend
self doubt my brother
longing is my sister
acceptance is my mother

Teaching a child is a delicate thing
it can often be very challenging

Its very difficult to fix something that isn't broken, which is why I found the telephonic requests of my mom -in-law, G-d bless her, for help with her computer , extremely, lets say, challenging

Some problems are relative...and some relatives are problems

Thought about my Dad
"laat hom vrek
in sy eie plek"

(clue: Afrikaans)


We've been watching this documentary about the history
of anti-Semitism, called "The Longest Hatred" and at one point it goes to a church in Austria where the bizarre and slightly macarb mummified remains of a child are preserved, a child supposedly murdered by "the Jews" in the 16th century for his blood, and outside the church an ageing Austrian man nods sagely and tells the camera "Ja, ja its true , they murdered the child for his blood" with the same assuredness and certainty that people trotted out truths such as the earth is flat, or that the sun revolves around us.

A short story where same is systematically stripped off the organs of speaking and writing, to try and discover where the belief is located, and it somehow remains even when the entire body has been removd...a core of hatred and resentment and blame...

The inner dimensions of anti-Semitism - Satre and Erickson and the Charedi idea that it is a wake up call and a summons for Jews to do tshuva...

I voted against the corrupt governmentof South Africa with my feet
a government that has aligned itself with the cruellest and most repressive regimes in the world
China, Iran, Libya, Mugabe's Zimbabwe,the Military Junta in Myanmar...

The Chinese
(and all of us)
turn oil
into plastic bags
into cancer

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