Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear Doctor Ruth

I recently had my chasna (got married.) I come from a very frum (religious) family and my beautiful wife, Chaya Leah, is the first women I have ever had a sexual relationship with. We have a very good relationship. She cooks and cleans and looks after the house and sews my clothes if I tear them. I study in the kollel ( centre for married men to study Torah in, we receive a stipend each month which allows us to continue learning) and we hope, G-d willing, to have chilren as soon as we can. Which brings me to my question. After we had relations on our wedding night Chaya said it was not so nice. That was two years ago. Since then her menstrual period lasts 28 days, and on the 29th day begins immediately for another 28 days. So she tells me. Because of this - and she aplogises profusely about it - we have not been able to have relations for two years. Can you tell me if all women have their period for 28 days, is this normal, or is it just my Chaya Sarah, a blessing on her head?

Please give me your best advice

Shmueli Doskin

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Fiona said...

Dear Shmueli,

Perfectly normal. Now don't ask your wife about it again. Leave the poor woman in peace.


Dr. Ruth